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Baron Samedi

Name Baron Samedi
Alias(es) “The man who cannot die”
Occupation Voodoo God of Death
Affiliation Dr. Kananga, Voodoo occult
Height 6'6“
Nationality Unknown
Status Unknown

Baron Samedi is a playable character in GoldenEye: Source, and based on the character featured in the 1973 film Live and Let Die and the 1997 GoldenEye 007 video game. Baron Samedi is a mysterious villain, possibly with supernatural powers. Is he a man imitating the voodoo god, or the real thing?

In GoldenEye: Source

In GoldenEye 007 (N64)

  • In the video game, Samedi appears as a boss in an unlockable mission separate from the main campaign. Bond is sent to the ancient el_Saghira temple in the Valley of the Kings in response to a letter sent by someone claiming to be Baron Samedi. Additionally, Samedi claims to have possession of Francisco Scaramanga's golden gun.
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