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V4.1 Changelist

Moving out of BETA

This release of GoldenEye: Source represents our emergence from BETA. We are officially dropping the BETA tag from here on out! What does this mean to you? Well it means a more polished experience, one that is easier to pick up and play, and also one that is more fun! As always, we welcome your suggestions on our MODDB page or forum.

This list represents the major changes made in v4.1. There are many more minor tweaks and bug fixes that occurred, but are not relevant to discussion.

Top 11 Changes

  1. Overhauled Capture The Key Deathmatch (multiple capture points, drop/pickup timer, etc.)
  2. Integrated a fully functional in-game help system that is gameplay defined
  3. Implemented walking animations when aimed
  4. Gun Game can have multiple deathmatch rounds per match
  5. Bullet impact ricochet sounds
  6. Completely overhauled Silo and added Casino
  7. Added an internal update checker to notify you of new versions instantly!
  8. Implemented numerous gameplay HUD enhancements to bring you closer to the action
  9. Updates to Basement, Egyptian, Runway, Aztec, Control, and Complex
  10. Fixed crash on startup (infrequent) related to the intro movie
  11. Implemented FMOD music/sound player enabling looping menu music and level load music


  • Added: CTK: Support for multiple capture points in deathmatch mode
  • Added: CTK: Overtime to teamplay mode
  • Added: CTK: Localizations for HUD messages
  • Added: CTK: Token distance to Capture Point indicators for teamplay mode
  • Added: CTK: CVar ctk_dm_playerspertoken to control the number of players for each additional token
  • Added: CTK: CVar ctk_dm_maxpickuppenalty to control the maximum pickup time penalty incurred in DM Mode
  • Added: Dr. No Armor as an official gameplay
  • Added: Gun Game: CVar “gg_numrounds” to allow for multiple deathmatch rounds per match (set to -1 for unlimited)
  • Added: Live and Let Die: Foes left indicator
  • Added: Living Daylights: Team-play flag possession indicator bars
  • Added: Living Daylights: Team-play flags held by team message
  • Added: YOLT: Foes left indicator after the first person is eliminated
  • Added: Weapon ID for an explosion kill (non-weapon origin)
  • Added: Pop out help when a player joins a team (MI6 or Janus)
  • Added: Support for vertical layout of progress bars
  • Fixed: CTK: Text messages being intrusive and overwriting on top of each other
  • Fixed: Gun Game: Weapons being picked up continually at round end
  • Fixed: Living Daylights: Armor display glitch when you get armor for escaping combat
  • Fixed: Players keeping items (such as the flag) if teamplay is enabled mid-round
  • Fixed: Team round scores “resetting” after exceeding 127
  • Fixed: Token bug where if the first weapon of a weapon set is a gameplay token it would completely break the gameplay (also fixes impulse 101 doing the same thing)
  • Changed: CTK: In deathmatch mode, a delay is incurred to pickup a token that is dropped by a killed player, which is inversely proportional to the distance of the nearest capture point
  • Changed: Living Daylights: Flags will change to your team color upon pickup
  • Changed: Weapons: Increased +aimmode delay for certain weapons
  • Changed: Weapons: Set minimal penetration to all lead weapons to prevent paper-thin and ornamental BSP (such as rail frames) from spoiling shots by-chance.
  • Removed: LTK: Disabled armor to prevent confusion about it “protecting” you
  • Removed: Tournament DM: Removed “Team” from the game title


  • Added: Callback: CanRoundEnd() - Can block the round timer from ending the round automatically (get's called continually after first block)
  • Added: Function: GEUtil.ShowPopupHelp( player, Title, Message, image="", Time_to_show=5.0, Archive=True ) - Show a pop out help to the specified player (None = all players)
  • Added: Function: GEUtil.ShowPopupHelpTeam( teamid, Title, Message, image="", Time_to_show=5.0, Archive=True ) - Convenience for teams
  • Added: Function: GEUtil.ResetPopupHelpArchive( player ) - Resets the help archive on the given player (reset occurs on gameplay change by default)
  • Added: Function: CGEPlayer.SetScoreboardColor( int ) - Sets the scoreboard line color of the player
  • Added: Function: CGEPlater.SetDeaths( int ) - Explicitly set the death count of the player
  • Added: Function: int CBasePlayer.GetUserID() - Returns the user id of the player
  • Added: Function: string GEMPPlayer.GetCleanPlayerName() - Returns the player's name sans color hints
  • Added: Function: GEMPPlayer.SetInitialSpawn( bool ) - Explicitly set the player's next spawn as an “initial” spawn
  • Added: Function: list GEMPGameRules.GetWeaponLoadout( name="" ) - Returns a list of the weapon ID's in the named loadout (name = None to return current loadout)
  • Added: Function: int GEMPGameRules.GetNumInRoundPlayers() - Returns the number of players that are playing in the round (useful if you lock the round)
  • Added: Function: int GEMPGameRules.GetNumInRoundTeamPlayers( teamid ) - Returns the number of players that are playing in the round on the given team (useful if you lock the round)
  • Added: Function: GEUtil.ConfigHudProgressBarPlayer( player, title, color ) - Change an existing progress bar (much cheaper than init'ing it again)
  • Added: Function: GEUtil.ConfigHudProgressBarTeam( teamid, title, color ) - Convenience function for teams
  • Added: Function: GEMPGameRules.GetTokenMgr().SetTokenCapturePoints( string, int ) - Set the maximum number of capture points to spawn (may spawn less depending on map size!)
  • Added: Function: GEMPGameRules.GetTokenMgr().SetTokenSkin( tokenent, int ) - Set the skin of the provided token
  • Added: Function: GEUtil.ParticleEffectBeam( player, attachment, end, effect ) - Supports point to point particle effects from players to any other point.
  • Added: Globals: GEGlobal.SB_COLOR_GOLD, WHITE, ELIMINATED - Scoreboard color presets
  • Added: Globals: GEGlobal.HUDPB_SHOWVALUE, SHOWBAR, VERTICAL - Progress bar settings (use | to combine them)
  • Added: Globals: GEGlobal.WEAPON_* - All weapon id's
  • Added: Support for advanced localization from Python (“#LOCALIZATION\r1\r2\r…”)
  • Fixed: Callback: CanMatchEnd() - Properly implemented this callback in the C++
  • Changed: Callback: Renamed ClientConnect → OnPlayerConnect and ClientDisconnect → OnPlayerDisconnect
  • Changed: Callback: OnPlayerSpawn - Added the “firstspawn” variable to indicate a player just joining the game
  • Changed: Function: GEUtil.HudMessage(…) - Added a channel input, defaults to “use next channel”. Channels 0-5 are reserved for this input with channels 4-9 are revolving.
  • Changed: On initial load, Python now removes the cache making sure it loads the gameplay from the .py file (only affects development of gameplay)
  • Removed: Fade-in and Fade-out options for GEUtil.HudMessage/HudMessageTeam


  • Added: CVar ge_autoalltalk that, when enabled, will turn all talk OFF when teamplay is ON, and vice versa (only if sv_alltalk == 1)
  • Added: Console command ge_endmatch mapname which will end the current match and load the specified map after going through the scores. If no map is specified it will use the map cycle.
  • Added: Event: gameplay_event to notify of gameplay specific occurrences (plugins only)
  • Added: Event: item_pickup when player picks up weapons, ammo, and armor (plugins only)
  • Added: Event: player_camping when a player enters/exists the 3 stages of camping
  • Fixed: “ge_allowradar 0” from conflicting with the gameplay forcing the radar on
  • Fixed: Spectator flashlight bug
  • Fixed: Silver PP7 reporting itself as PP7, ID wise
  • Fixed: Explosive weapons not reporting their ID properly (e.g. Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, etc.)
  • Fixed: Penetration flag not carrying over to the event messages
  • Fixed: When a player changes their name to just color codes it provides them a default (No Name) tag
  • Fixed: Team auto balance not working if rounds were disabled or map time was disabled
  • Fixed: Ordered Gamemode not cycling through the file on map change
  • Fixed: Grenade colliding with players when it was not moving
  • Fixed: Bug where players could potentially jump on the exact game frame that they land, which bypassed the timing restrictions
  • Fixed: Auto team balance causing the same person to continually be auto switched if they were the last ones to connect to the server
  • Fixed: Event: player_shoot so that it properly reports the Weapon ID
  • Changed: Reduced Moonraker fire rate for balancing purposes
  • Changed: Event: Added “roundlength” and “roundcount” to round_end
  • Changed: Postponed achievement_progressreport until AFTER the player is authed by steam servers (steamid is set) (plugins)
  • Changed: Lasers will be picked up even if you already have one. This prevents too many lasers from being populated throughout the map.
  • Changed: Lowered rifle bullet physics push force by 23%
  • Changed: Increased size of rocket hitbox to aid collision detection
  • Changed: (CUSTOM) to (MOD) when the gameplay is not official
  • Changed: The round will restart and all scores reset if teamplay is enabled/disabled mid-match with “ge_templay 1/0” as supported by the current gameplay

Client / HUD / VGUI / Achievements

  • Added: Implemented FMOD sound player to support looping menu music and level transition music
  • Added: Implemented a custom intro movie player
  • Added: Gameplay pop out help. Recall past help by pressing “h” (default). Can be disabled entirely in Advanced Options
  • Added: Custom update checker that will notify you of an available GE:S update when the game loads to the main menu
  • Added: Tiny explosions for props
  • Added: Bulletproof glass decals (if shot does not penetrate the glass)
  • Added: Above/below capture point icons for the radar
  • Added: Wispy smoke effect after firing a sustained burst
  • Added: Ability to reposition the radar (in Advanced Options menu)
  • Added: Slot 6 to the keyboard mapping panel
  • Added: Logitech Rumblepad 2 controller config
  • Fixed: “You Can't Win” and “Domino Effect” achievements
  • Fixed: Round report not hiding if you had the scoreboard or character select up on round restart
  • Fixed: Round timer coloring issues
  • Fixed: Gameplay progress bars clipping on wide screen
  • Fixed: Chat coloring bugs
  • Fixed: Character select sometimes popping up 3 times in a row after reconnecting to a server
  • Fixed: Special icons getting “stuck” on players on the radar
  • Fixed: Reduced jiggle bones getting all messed up on the flag sometimes
  • Fixed: Spectator issues such as spectating in-head and not remembering your last mode, etc.
  • Fixed: Flag texture showing random stuff in shadow on the flag
  • Fixed: PP7 viewmodel firing anim, silenced/unsilenced blending, and scaling (shells are now proper size)
  • Fixed: Blood screen playing even if disabled in advanced options
  • Fixed: Updated Moonraker particles
  • Fixed: Many VGUI elements to avoid blurring on low texture settings
  • Fixed: Swing anim for the key to match with the ROF
  • Fixed: Removal of color hints from target id and voice chat
  • Changed: Adjusted goals for “Through Fire and Flames”, “RCP 4 Death”, “Two Klobbs Don't Make it Right”, “For England, Alec”, and “Moonraker”
  • Changed: If character selection is denied by the gameplay the character select comes back up (gameplay is charged with telling the player WHY)
  • Changed: Made team scores remain visible on death, they hide if the spectator bars are showing
  • Changed: In Teamplay: Scoreboad shows ROUND score, Round Report shows FORMULAIC score, HUD shows MATCH score
  • Changed: Reordered the main menu items to put Options above Achievements

Sound / Music

  • Added: Basstronix's Bondage track
  • Added: Basstronix's Facility track
  • Added: Goldenzen's Overtime cue
  • Added: Spatialization to the explosion sound to reduce distortion
  • Added: Mine beep on draw and toss sound
  • Added: Moonraker draw sound
  • Added: Ricochet sound on bullet impacts
  • Fixed: Normalized all music volumes
  • Changed: Mag-Lite flashlight click

Level Design

  • Added: Fourteck's overhauled Control
  • Added: Luchador's completely overhauled Silo
  • Added: Luchador's Casino
  • Added: Mangley's Bunker Classic
  • Fixed: Runway Update
  • Fixed: Aztec update
  • Fixed: Team spawns on Egyptian


  • Added: Walking animations when aimed
  • Added: Phong to more players
  • Changed: Tweaked several animations to be more fluid
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