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Ammo class Pistol
Head Damage (bars) 1.4
Torso Damage (bars) 0.875
Leg Damage (bars) 0.35
Magazine size 32
Fire rate 12.8 rps
Accuracy Good
Special None

The ZMG is the model mid-grade sub-machine gun. It has average accuracy, median damage, and no special talents beyond the two extra bullets in its magazine.

The ZMG's real-world counterpart is the Micro Uzi

GoldenEye 007

In the original game the ZMG could be found in the following singleplayer missions:

  • Train - dual wieldable
  • Caverns - starting weapon & dual wieldable
  • Cradle - dual wieldable
  • Egyptian - dual wieldable


In the ZMG's development, it was confused with the D5K Deutsche, and given a silencer. This mistake was fixed in Beta 3.


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