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Ammo class None
Head Damage (bars) 4
Torso Damage (bars) 3
Leg Damage (bars) 2
Magazine Size None
Fire rate 1.42 rps
Accuracy Melee
Special Infinite Ammo
Achievements Dutch RudderGold Fingered

Slappers, also known as the slap, or simply unarmed, is the default melee attack.

Changes from GoldenEye 007

Melee damage is calculated differently in GoldenEye: Source, due to a different hitbox system.

GoldenEye 007

Slappers were available as a starting weapon on every mission and in every weapon set.


  • When viewing your weapons list in your watch, it refers to the Slappers as 'Unarmed'.
  • The only time in GoldenEye 007 refers to the unarmed attack as Slappers is in the weapon loadout selection of Multiplayer.
  • In the original game when you had a Sniper Rifle, your Slappers were replaced with the Sniper Rifle buttstock as a melee weapon. This was a purely cosmetic change and was statistically the same as Slappers.


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