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Remote Mines

For related articles, see Proximity Mines or Timed Mines.

Ammo class Remote Mines
Damage 0 - 250
Clip size 1
Fire rate 1.2 rps
Accuracy N/A
Special Throwable Weapon, Sticks to Surfaces, Damage radius, Triggered by user
Achievements Remotely Remove (Agent) Remotely Remove (Secret Agent) Remotely Remove (00 Agent) UFOownnnning

Remote Mines stick to surfaces and detonate when triggered by the owners watch detonator. Alternatively you can quick-detonate them by pressing primary and secondary fire at the same time.

Mines can be triggered in mid-air before attaching to a surface, making them as useful as a short-range grenade launcher as they are for booby-trapping.

GoldenEye 007

In the original game Remote Mines could be found in the following singleplayer missions:

  • Facility - starting weapon
  • Surface II - starting weapon
  • Jungle - starting weapon
  • Control


In Surface II, the Remote Mine you start with is an “altered” Remote Mine which cannot be remote-detonated. Instead it behaves like a Timed Mine, except it has a 10 second fuse which will only initiate if it is placed on the Spet

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