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Ammo class Pistol
Head Damage (bars) 1.8
Torso Damage (bars) 0.9
Leg Damage (bars) 0.45
Magazine size 80
Fire rate 12.8 rps
Accuracy Excellent
Special Penetration
Achievements RCP 4 Death (Agent) RCP 4 Death (Secret Agent) RCP 4 Death (00 Agent)

Everyone's favorite lead-slinger, the RC-P90 is here to do one thing: deal massive amounts of damage very quickly. Just don't get cocky and start spamming, because a DD44 will kill you if he aims and you don't.

The RC-P90's real-world counterpart is the FN P90

GoldenEye 007

In the original game the RC-P90 could be found in the following singleplayer missions:

  • Train
  • Jungle
  • Caverns - dual wieldable


  • The RC-P90 can be found in the double-stacked crate at the end of the first carriage on Train in Agent.
  • In Jungle after you defeat Xenia and pick up her weapons you can wield both the RC-P90 and Grenade Launcher together, this is the only time in the game where you can dual wield two different weapons without using the weapon switch bug.
  • In Caverns, after Trevelyan escapes in the elevator, guards will show up with dual RC-P90's which you can take.


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