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GoldenEye: Source Awards

Awards were a very unused feature in GoldenEye 007, so we decided to expand upon the idea of awards and make them a very fun and central addition to GoldenEye: Source.

Awards are based on a point system, and are only given out to the most deserving players. We use a dynamically changing formula based on the number of players in a server to determine if an award should be given. There are a total of 13 distinct awards in GoldenEye: Source.

Image Name Description
award_none.jpg No Award o No award
award_most_professional.jpg Most Professional - Taking Damage - Be Killed - Attack an unarmed enemy + Get Kills
award_most_deadly.jpg Most Deadly + Inflict Damage + Get Kills + Attack an armed enemy with slappers
award_mostly_harmless.jpg Mostly Harmless + Suicide + Be Killed + Taking Damage
award_most_honorable.jpg Most Honorable + Attack enemy while they are facing you + Attacking an armed enemy with slappers
award_most_dishonorable.jpg Most Dishonorable + Attack enemy while they are facing away from you + Attacking an unarmed enemy
award_lemming.jpg Lemming Award + More for Suicide + Taking Damage
award_marksmanship.jpg Marksmanship - Fire your weapon + Make a successful hit + More for hitting specific areas
award_ac10.jpg AC-10 Award + More points for filling your Armor less on every pickup
award_wheres_the_armor.jpg Where's The Armor? + Getting Armor o Lowest Score Wins
award_longest_inning.jpg Longest Innings + Lives lasted a long time
award_shortest_inning.jpg Shortest Innings + A lot of deaths in a short amount of time
award_wheres_the_ammo.jpg Where's The Ammo? + Picking up Ammo o Lowest Score Wins
award_most_frantic.jpg Most Frantic + Every foot of distance moved + Misses with a shot based weapon

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