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Weaponset Script Files

GE:S uses loadout script files to specify the composition of weaponsets and what gamemodes they should appear in.

Loadout scripts are stored in scripts/loadouts. Files that specify which loadouts a given gameplay should use start with gameplay_ and files that specify loadout compositions start with weapon_sets_

Making Custom Weaponsets

Open up weapon_sets_custom.txt in scripts/loadouts and follow the guide at the top of the file.

You can also make new files that start with weapon_sets_custom_ if you would like to keep things more organized.

Setting up Gameplay Weaponset Rotation

The file that controls the weaponsets in rotation for a given gameplay will be called gameplay_GAMEPLAYNAME. For example, arsenal is gameplay_arsenal.

The three columns in this file are the weaponset name, weight, and grouping.

The name of the weaponset will be used to pull the weaponset from the existing weapon_sets_* files, and the weight and group will override whatever is specified for that weaponset in those files.

If a gamemode does not have a gameplay_* file, it will just use the default loadout settings specified for each loadout in the weapon_sets_* files.

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