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Server Command Reference

<int> parameters are input as whole number values such as 28

<float> parameters are input as floating point values such as 3.98

<bool> parameters are input as either 1 or 0, 1 being True and 0 being False

<string> parameters are input as arbitrary unicode strings, such as “ge_archives”

Gameplay Commands:

Command Variables Description
changelevel <string> Ends the match and changes the level to whichever was named.
mp_timelimit <int> Sets the time limit of the match in minutes until the map will change; 0 makes it infinitely long.
ge_roundtime <int> Sets the time limit of rounds in seconds that will be played during a match We recommend values between 240 and 480 (4 - 8 minutes).
ge_restartround Ends the current round and starts the next one. Use this to move to the next weapon set quickly.
ge_gameplay <string> Sets the current game mode.
ge_weaponset <string> Selects the weapon set that will be used next round.
ge_weaponset_list <string> Prints a list of weapon sets to the console. Only works on the server console.
ge_startarmed <bool> Sets if players start with the first weapon in the weapon set 0 = Slapper • 1 = Slapper and first weapon (recommended).
ge_weapondroplimit <int> The max number of weapons players drop on death.
ge_autoteam <int> Number of players in the server before teamplay is enabled on round start.

Round/Map Time:

Command Variables Description
changelevel <string> Ends the match and changes the level to whichever was named.
ge_roundtime <int> Round time in seconds that can be played. ( def. “0” ) min. 0.000000 max. 3000.000000.
ge_rounddelay <int> Delay, in seconds, between rounds. ( def. “10” ) min. 2.000000 max. 40.000000.
ge_roundcount <int> Number of rounds that should be held in the given match time (calculates ge_roundtime), use 0 to disable.
ge_restartround Restart the current round showing scores always.
ge_endround End the current round, use `ge_endround 0` to skip scores.
ge_endround_keepweapons End the current round but keep the same weapon set even if randomized.
ge_endmatch Ends the match loading the next map or one specified (eg. ge_endmatch [mapname]).
ge_setcurrentroundtime <int> Sets the amount of seconds left in the round. Does not affect subsequent rounds.
ge_addtoroundtime <int> Add the given number of seconds to the current roundtime. Does not affect subsequent rounds.
mp_timelimit <int> Sets the time limit of the match in minutes until the map will change; 0 makes it infinitely long.


Command Variables Description
ge_loadouts_loadoutbuffercount <int> How often weaponsets are allowed to repeat without weight penalty. Any that have been played within (this value)/2 rounds cannot be picked randomly.
ge_mapchooser_avoidteamplay <bool> If set to 1, server will avoid choosing maps where the current playercount is above the team threshold.
ge_mapchooser_mapbuffercount <int> How many other maps need to be played since the last time a map was played before it can be selected randomly again.
ge_mapchooser_usemapcycle <bool> If set to 1, server will just use the mapcycle file and not choose randomly based on map script files.
ge_mapchooser_resthreshold <int> The mapchooser will do everything it can to avoid switching between maps with this combined resintensity.
ge_print_map_selection_data Prints the server's map selection data.
ge_print_current_map_data Prints the current map's data.
ge_print_map_selection_weights Prints the map selection chance for given playercount, or current playercount if none is given. Use 1 as second parameter for unsorted list.
ge_gameplay_threshold <int> Playercount that must be exceeded before gamemodes other than Deathmatch will be randomly chosen.
ge_gameplay_modebufferpenalty <int> How much to take off of the weight of a mode for each time it appears in the buffer.
ge_gameplay_mode Mode to choose next gameplay: 0=Same as last map, 1=Random from current map file, 2=Ordered from Gameplay Cycle file.
ge_gp_cyclefile <string> The gameplay cycle to use for random gameplay or ordered gameplay, if enabled over mapchooser.

Game Settings:

Command Variables Description
ge_gameplay <string> Sets the current gameplay mode.
ge_gameplaylistrefresh Refreshes the list of known gameplays, useful for servers who add gameplays while the server is still running.
ge_gameplaylist Lists the possible gameplay selections.
ge_weaponset <string> Changes the weapon set when the round restarts. (eg: ge_weaponset [identity]).
ge_weaponset_reload Reloads the weaponset script files.
ge_weaponset_list Prints out a list of the available sets.
ge_startarmed <bool> Sets if players start with the first weapon in the weapon set 0 = Slapper • 1 = Slapper and first weapon (recommended).
ge_gameplayreload Reloads the current gameplay (FOR DEVELOPERS!).


Command Variables Description
ge_teamplay <bool> Turns on team play if the current scenario supports it.
ge_autoteam <int> Automatically toggles teamplay based on the player count (supplied value) [4-32]. Min. 0.000000 max. 33.000000.
ge_autoautoteam <int> If set to 1, server will set ge_autoteam to the value specified in the current map script file.
ge_teamautobalance <bool> Turns on the auto balancer for teamplay.

Gameplay Tweaks:

Command Variables Description
ge_partialammopickups <bool> Allow players to pick up ammo from a crate without picking up all of it.
ge_armorrespawntime <int> Minimum time in seconds before armor respawns.
ge_armorrespawn_pc_scale <float> Multiplier applied to playercount.
ge_armorrespawn_pc_pow <float> Power applied to playercount.
ge_respawndelay <int> Changes the minimum delay between respawns.
ge_itemrespawntime <int> Time in seconds between ammo respawns (ge_dynamicweaponrespawn must be off!).
ge_weaponrespawntime <int> Time in seconds between weapon respawns (ge_dynamicweaponrespawn must be off!).
ge_dynamicweaponrespawn <bool> Changes the respawn delay for weapons and ammo to be based on how many players are connected.
ge_dynamicweaponrespawn_scale <float> Changes the dynamic respawn delay scale for weapons and ammo.
ge_allowjump <bool> Toggles allowing players to jump.
ge_exp_allowz <bool> Allows excessive Z forces on explosions.
ge_tournamentmode <bool> Turns on tournament mode that disables certain gameplay checks.
ge_allowradar <bool> Allow clients to use their radars.
ge_radar_range <int> Change the radar range (in inches [def. “1500”] ), default is 125ft.
ge_radar_showenemyteam <bool> Allow the radar to show enemies during teamplay (useful for tournaments).


Command Variables Description
ge_weapondroplimit <int> Cap on the number of weapons a player can drop on death in addition to their active one.
ge_exp_pushscale <int> Scale the amount of push force from explosions on players.
ge_explosiveheadshots <bool> Headshot kills create explosions!
ge_velocity <float> Player movement velocity multiplier, applies in multiples of 0.25 [0.7 to 2.0].
ge_paintball <bool> Enables paintball bullet decals.
ge_infiniteammo <bool> Enables infinite ammo mode.


Command Variables Description
ge_bot_threshold <int> Server tries to maintain the number of players given using bots if needed, use anything less than 2 to disable this mechanism.
ge_bot_openslots <int> Number of open slots to leave for incoming players ( def. “0” ).
ge_bot_strict_openslot <int> Count spectators in determining whether to leave an open player slot.
ge_bot Creates a full fledged AI Bot.
ge_bot_remove <int> Removes the number of specified bots, if no number is supplied it removes them all!
ge_bot_givespawninvuln <bool> Bots are allowed to have spawn invulnerability.
ge_bot_difficulty <int> Sets the average difficulty [0-9] of the AI.


Command Variables Description
ge_debug_armorspawns Toggles armor debug overlay. (Cheat)
ge_debug_reloadvgui Reloads all VGUI panel elements (.res files).
ge_debug_playerspawns Debug spawn point locations and desirability, 1=DM, 2=MI6, 3=Janus. (Cheat)
ge_debug_checkplayerspawns Check player spawns against several criteria including getting stuck. (Cheat)
ge_ai_debug Toggles AI debug overlay. 0 = disable, 1 = normal, 2 = verbose. (Cheat)
ge_debug_itemspawns Toggles item spawners and shows their slot information. (Cheat)
ge_debug_explosions Toggles explosion debug overlay. (Cheat)
ge_debug_penetration Toggles penetration debug overlay. (Cheat)
ge_py_connectdebugger Connect to a waiting PyDev debugger (Eclipse). The first argument designates the host to connect to, the second designates the port.
ge_py_listendebugger Listen for Python Tools for Visual Studio (PYTVS) debugger. The first argument designates the port to connect on.
ge_ai_reboot Reboots the AI Manager and all bots.
ge_ai_debugcmd Debugs AI overlay.


Command Variables Description
ge_node_linesep <int> Nominal distance between nodes when using ge_node_addline.
ge_node_start Start placement of nodes for custom nodegraph.
ge_node_save Save placed nodes, ends placement.
ge_node_addlook Add a node where you are looking.
ge_node_add Add a node where you are standing.
ge_node_remove Delete a node you are looking at.
ge_node_addline Adds nodes in a line from you to where you are looking spaced apart equally.
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