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The ge_gameplayinfo entity is the mapper's primary resource for accessing gameplay related information, through its many different inputs and outputs. It also provides a means of modifying the floor height used by the radar.


  • Floor Height : The height difference between the local player and another player before the radar will display them with an up/down arrow instead of a circle.
  • Trigger Gamemode : File name of the gamemode that will trigger a special gamemode specific output.


  • GetConnectionCount : Gets how many players are connected to the server
  • GetPlayerCount : Gets how many players are currently playing
  • GetRoundCount : Gets the current round number


  • ConnectionCount : Fired in response to GetConnectionCount, contains the number of players connected to the server
  • PlayerCount : Fired in response to GetPlayerCount, contains the number of active players (non-spectators)
  • RoundCount : Fired in response to GetRoundCount, contains the number of rounds played
  • TeamplayOn : Fires when teamplay is active (on round start)
  • TeamplayOff : Fires when teamplay is not-active (on round start)
  • TeamSpawnsOn : Fires when team spawns are active (on round start)
  • TeamSpawnsOff : Fires when team spawns are not-active (on round start)
  • RoundStart : Fires BEFORE players are spawned
  • RoundEnd : Fires when the round timer ends
  • OnGameplayMatch : Fires when the loaded gameplay matches the Trigger Gamemode
  • OnNoGameplayMatch : Fires when the loaded gameplay does not match the Trigger Gamemode
  • OnSuperfluousAreasEnabled : Fires when the gamemode wants to enable superflous areas, have this open up areas that should be sealed during modes like Living Daylights.
  • OnSuperfluousAreasDisabled : Fires when the gamemode wants to disable superflous areas, have this close off areas that are easy to camp or get lost in.


In general this entity is very useful for fine-tuning your map based on distinct gameplay needs. Maps with campable dead-ends might want to use the OnSuperfluousAreasDisabled output to close these areas off to prevent players from camping there with the Golden Gun or a Flag. OnGameplayMatch can be used to trigger gameplay specific behavior, such as having a special golden gun room open up on Man with the Golden Gun. There are many possibilities, though in general you should avoid changing the location of important weapon spawns or critical passageways as this often just confuses players.

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