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GE Door


func_ge_door is a variant of func_door that offers a large amount of additional behavior and usage options. Its main advantage is that it accelerates/decelerates during travel instead of having a fixed velocity. It also allows players to change its move direction while in operation, giving players a bit more control and allowing them to potentially block off pursuers or keep a key door open. It also supports partnering, in which a collection of doors can sync their behavior, very useful for double doors.


  • Acceleration Time : Amount of seconds it takes the door to get to top speed.
  • Acceleration Speed : How fast the door will accelerate. Overrides AccelerationTime if not set to 0.
  • Minimum Speed : Speed that the door will stop decelerating at during its final deceleration phase. Does not affect direction changes, only the door's speed when nearing its destination. Set higher for doors that you want to slam shut. Setting too high can cause weird effects. 0 is best for double doors.
  • Think Interval : How often the door calculates velocity. Smaller values give smoother movement but are more costly.
  • Use Limit : How many times the door can be used during a single move cycle before it starts ignoring inputs. ALWAYS SET TO ODD NUMBER TO AVOID DOOR ABUSE.
  • Trigger Threshold : Fraction of total movedistance that, when passed, triggers the OnPassThreshold outputs.
  • Partner Door : Door that opens and closes with this one.


  • Lock Sound Origin : Keeps the sound origin in one place, rather than having it follow the door.


Unless there's a specific reason, every door in a map should be func_ge_door. It provides a more enjoyable gameplay experience than the traditional func_door does, and offers way more features if they happen to be needed. Its usage is mostly identical to func_door, though of course the addition of acceleration requires some extra tweaking to get the ideal door behavior for your map.

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